Sunday, December 16, 2012

[CONTEST REMINDER] Win a Skull Brain from Emilio Garcia

This contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered with your comments.

Don't forget that you have until 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time Wednesday Dec. 19th to enter our latest giveaway contest for a "Skull Brain" from Emilio Garcia.

[NOTE: If you are reading this on Facebook or Google+, you must go to THE ACTUAL BLOG POST HERE to enter this contest! You CANNOT enter this contest by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+]

Of course you can always put your own brain to good use by visiting Emilio's Fine Art Shop. You can find the Skull Brain and Jumping Brain there with a variety of options. Thanks again for the chance to free our minds, Emilio!


Social Justice Social Worker said...

Mmmmmmm....skull braaaiinssss.... :)

ghost town 1 said...

this is cool it will go well in my weird skull collection :) X)