Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dynomighty's Artist Collective's Skull Wallets

Dynomighty Design is a Brooklyn-based company dedicated to empowering personal expression through their products. Home of the Original Mighty Wallet, which has spawned numerous Tyvek® Wallets around the world, Dynomighty began when artist Terrence Kelleman turned to product design while working as a photographer in his former day job at the MoMA. Recently, Dynomighty launched it's Artist Collective which is unique crowd sourcing challenge that lets the public decide what will be the next cool Mighty Wallet design. Open to artists, illustrators, designers, musicians or any visually talented creative, the Artist Collective challenges each designer to secure 30 sales in 30 days. Any Artist's design that meets the challenge will be printed and the artist receives 15% of the total sales. The Artist Collective gives every artist equal opportunity to prove themselves and their art and supports them with a step-by-step promotional school that gives them the best chance for success. The motto of Dynomighty is “Be Mighty” a slogan that is meant to encourage other artists, entrepreneurs and dreamers to go for their dream.

Here is a sampling of some of the skull motif wallets available by artists Ali Gulec and kduce.

I love a site that gives visually creative people the ability to put there designs on a product. These wallets are made of Tyvek which is a very durable material, one of my favorites! For people that carry wallets, you know the woes of a wallet that doesn't withstand daily use. These are not only durable, but a beautiful way to carry around many things you need daily. They are reasonable priced for a wallet, and part of that money goes back to the artists, which is wonderful.

Look for a giveaway from Dynomighty for a special wallet designed by Brian Christopher, in June.

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