Saturday, May 25, 2013

Skull Pipe

Someone over at Crafthaus was nice enough to let Michael Mueller know about our site and suggested he make a submission. Thanks to both of them we have this little beauty from his German workshop to share as well as a great description...

"This is a 3d printed, fully working tobacco pipe. The head is made with glazed ceramics, the mouthpiece is antique bronze glossy."

"A pipe is definitely a matchmaker. It makes you look distinguished and sexy. Like a successful scientist, a confident playboy, or an experienced sailor."

"Yeah, tobacco is bad for your health, so use bubbles instead! Works even better cause it gives you a great lemon flavor! Of course this depends on the dish soap you use. The ladies will appreciate it!"

I'm just as impressed with the final result as I am with the process of making it.  I might just have to break down and get one to reach that level of sophistication I've been trying to achieve.  Of course I'll use bubbles, too, but I might have to go with the  lavender floral & mint scented soap on our counter here.  Thanks for the great submission, Michael!

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Lenore said...

very cute Skull-Pipe!!lol! ^^