Monday, May 6, 2013

Skull Appreciation Day 2013 Open Participation

Skull-A-Day wouldn't exist without our awesome fans. We've come a long way together. Later this month, on Friday, May 31st, we are starting the festivities for Skull Appreciation Day 2013. The Skull-A-Day team is heading to the International Museum of Surgical Sciences in Chicago, IL to meet up with Street Anatomy for FaceOff. It's going to be an amazing show featuring artwork from selected artists. FaceOff is a special type of show were the artists used a provided template to create their skulls. The skulls were then vertically split in half digitally. Two digital halves from two different artist are put together to form one skull. This gives the viewer a different perspective on artists' visions of skulls. These FaceOff creations will hang in the museum from May 31-August 25, 2013.

Of course we don't want to leave you all out. That wouldn't be in the Skull-A-Day spirit. Like the other 2 before we want our fans to participate in the show. There are two ways you can do this...send us some Skull Mail Art, and/or make your own FaceOff creations!

FaceOff template example. See below for where to download the big version.


Since the selected artists used a skull template as a guide for their creations, we thought you fans would enjoy using the exact same template to create your own skulls.
To participate in the FaceOff show, you need to do the following:

  • DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE. The above image is just an example so you know what you're working with.
  • Feel free to cover the skull image as you please. Just make sure the general lines of the template are the same, for easy pairing with another artist's skull creation
  • Email us a great photo or scan of the finished skull to
  • With that email also include: Your name and your location
  • Remember to keep the content kid friendly...use your good judgement!

The deadline is Friday, May 24th. That's 3 weeks away! Noah will digitally split the images and fuse them together using skulls from two different artists, just like the selected artists have their work split. The show poster is a great example of what the combined skulls look like. These fan created skulls will be displayed on a screen during the show opening on Friday, May 31st. Sometime afterwards, they will be shown on Skull-A-Day.


Another easy way to participate is to make a piece of Skull Mail Art. All the skull mail art will be displayed at the show. As per the mail call instructions, you'll be mailing it to the show location! The deadline for us receiving the Skull Mail Art is Tuesday, May 28, 2013. Keep in mind mailing times, so it arrives before the deadline! Since none of the Skull-A-Day team has been able to see the mail art up close, what shows up will be a happy and exciting surprise. Vanessa of Street Anatomy is kindly managing it as it shows up! Mim Scalin will be documenting the mail art after the show is over, and showing it on the Skull Appreciation Day Mail Art blog.

We're looking forward to seeing what you all create! Hopefully we'll meet some of you at the show opening.

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mim said...

This is going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the results of the skulls facing off.