Monday, December 2, 2013

Bone Soap Monster Wash

ARTmuffin is back with a collection of horror themed soap dispensers. There is Cthulhu, Zombie, Werewolf, and Vampire soaps, but of course we're partial to the Bone Soap. ARTmuffin explains his project, "I've been a fan of monsters, skulls, and horror stories since I was a little monster myself.  So I decided I'd start doing some drawing and come up with some cool and fun soap dispenser art for those of us that like a little bloody horror going on while we're washing our dirty parts... I thought this would be a fun way for horror fans to add a little something unique to their homes or to give as gifts for creepy friends." If you would like any of the Monster Washes, consider participating in the Kickstarter campaign. You can find more of ARTmuffin's work on their websiteFacebook, Twitter, Etsy, and YouTube.

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