Sunday, September 9, 2007

Braincase IX

Usually I post things in the order they are received, but I had to make an exception for this tribute to the recently deceased Pavarotti made by Daniele using the Papercraft Skull...

On to the rest of this week's batch of awesome submissions (nearly all of which I received on just one day a few weeks back!)...

Cecilia from France sent in this fun short skull themed clip (which is fine for kids, but might give you and them a little scare!)

Terry reminded us about the excellent cartoon skeletons created by Michael Paulus.

Jake sent this great picture of a headstone in old Salem, MA.

Bonnie-Ann Black made this lovely painting!

Jake sent in this terrific Clementine Peel skull by Quinlan Parrish, age 9!

Etienne from France made this excellent watercolor. He says, "I found this skull, dry in a rose tree just under a nest. After inquiry by the experts, it appears the thorn protect the poor baby from the cats, and offer it a safe death." You can see his other non-watercolor work here (there is nudity, so definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK and NOT FOR KIDS).

Kara L.C. Jones made this sweet looking (and tasting, I'm sure) sugar skull!

Jill sent this picture of a nifty shifter made by her daughter Cassaday at Ants, Inc. in Albuquerque and painted by husband Terry, for his own bike!

Nin-8 painted this great skull 21 years ago when she was 13!

Mark shared his cool tattoo, which he got at 'Slave to the Needle' in Seattle.

Doppelganger made this neat spray paint stenciled CD!

Ellen spotted this beautiful mosaic skull in a store in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

My friend Jason made this incredible animated robotic skull using Lego Mindstorms.
He says, "When he hears a sound his jaw opens and closes, his eyes flutter, and he makes something similar to a pirate noise". Watch it in action...

FromSF was the first of a few folks to send me a picture of this terrific giant public art skull in Venice called Very Hungry God by Subodh Gupta. Thanks to Monica and Mathieu for sending pix as well.

Curtis made this great skull out of his son's Mardi Gras beads!

Moose sent a link to this nice image on Flickr (and a second one) from a renaissance fair in Missouri taken by Art of Serendipity!

George sent cool this picture of Santa Maria dell'Orazione e Morte (Our Lady of Eulogies and of the Dead) in Rome!

Nayiri's pal Marcella made this pirate-y delicious looking cupcakes!

My friend Jenny's son Holden, age 7, made this super cool drawing for me.

My friend Philip, who helped me with my sheet steel skull, made his own awesome metal skull at the same time (actually in much less time, but he's been working with metal for years!) and I finally got around to taking a picture of it.

Thanks again to everyone for their submissions. If you want to submit your own picture the address is on the upper right hand corner of the site. Keep in mind that is may take up to 3-5 weeks for you image to get posted! NOTE: I always respond to submissions within a few days, if you don't hear from me within a week it could mean that your message got lost or was eaten by a spam filter so definitely resend it. And if you want to see your picture on the site sooner put it on Flickr and add "skulladay" as a tag and it'll show up in the sidebar gizmo I added recently!

P.S. A couple of sites worth checking out that I've run into recently:

The self-descriptive Skull and Crossbones which collects images of our favorite item in its more pirate-y form!

And the daily (non-skull) art site Sametime, in which two artists in different cities are taking a photo at the same time (7:15pm) every day and posting the results side by side online.


Angela said...

The sugar skull is amazing. Simple put.

Kim said...

If I had to pick a favourite, I couldn't. I love the Santa Maria skull so much, and Philip's metal skull is really cool -- the flames are totally Ghost Rider.

But I really like Holden's drawing! See, soy milk really is evil. :D

Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com said...

Thanks for including our Day of the Dead sugar skull! The link on the description runs to an error, so wanted to post and let folks know we have our Day of the Dead skulls in the blog at:

and the art stuff, we post seasonally, each November for Day of the Dead, in the Etsy shop at: