Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Congratulations to Tim from Virginia who is the first song contest winner! Here's his entry...


Skulls made out random stuff
Like army men or organic coco puffs

find out what
Pirates and metal-heads already knew:
That skulls are cool

It's like high art,
But without being dull
Come on everybody lets go see a daily skull

at skull a day

Be sure to also watch his awesome Skull-A-Day Chocolate Rain parody...

FYI I just received winning song #2, which I'll post soon.

FYI There are NO Free Skulls left, but I'm working on runner up prizes so if you've got one in the works do send it in! Get the submission details HERE.


Tim said...

'Award-winning songwriter' is totally going on my resume.

Noah said...

Ha, yeah! Totally milk this for all it's worth Tim!

mim said...

Congratulations, Tim. It's super.

Anonymous said...

Very fun, Tim! :)

Tatman said...

Not as metal as I expected but a nice job anyway. I do like the line about metalheads and pirates. Good work Tim!

Tim said...

Yeah, I don't do metal on the ukulele. I leave that up to people like Uke Til U Puke.