Tuesday, July 15, 2008

[CONTEST] Collection Skulls

OK it's time for another contest! Thanks for all of your great ideas, this one was suggested by Doomination...

Make a skull out of your collection.
What do you have a lot of? Shoes? Autographs? Star Trek Collectibles? Skulls? Arrange them in a skull shape and take a picture and send it in! (The ususal submission rules apply).

The first 7 submissions (that I like!) will win one of the limited edition Ornament(al) Skull prints. I'll post the winners one a day as they come in so you'll know how much time is left to submit.

Now get to it!

UPDATE: Take your time and make something good! Winners will be selected at my discretion based on collection materials and quality of photography.

UPDATE 2: I've got all of my winners! Thanks everyone for your submissions! Stay tuned for more contests in the coming months...


Couchgirl13 said...

Right on! I'm starting on it tomorrow, gotta do other stuff today. Hope you like it! SkullaDay rocks!

xmyheartinbloodx said...

yay i can do this one, ill have one set up 10 to 20 minutes =] hope i win