Monday, July 28, 2008

Steak Skull

Well it took über fan Justin Lovorn A.K.A. Tatman to finally get a carnivore skull up here! He says, "I know it's not gonna be your favorite, being vegetarian and all, and it goes against the veggie idea, but I have a new submission for all of the meat eaters. I was having lunch at work when I noticed this guy smiling at me. A couple of choice cuts (pun intended) later and here he is. I'll try to come up with a veggie skull also to even things out."


Mim said...

you know, tat', I thought this was cake when I first looked at it, ha ha ha, silly me...maybe as a vegetarian, I don't recognize meat! LOL

Tatman said...

Oooh, a cake skull sounds delicious, too. Good idea, mim!