Thursday, May 28, 2009

Skullection Time!

It's time to vote for your favorite skull in the new sidebar poll! The 52 nominees were culled from suggestions by you the fans as well as our two new editors Tatman and Citizen agent! Each one will be featured on a Friday during Skull-A-Day 3.0 in order of popularity, with the top skull presented in the last week. I'll be including additional stories about the creation/destruction of many of them, so hopefully both new and returning fans will enjoy. You've got one week to make your voice heard so don't delay. Pick up to five favorites and submit your vote in the sidebar. [UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who voted! Keep an eye out for the results every Friday this year!]

p.s. If you need a refresher you can review the original skulls HERE.

p.p.s. Once you've voted you will have to scroll the voting section to the right to see the results!


Rai said...

The titles in the side bar should also be links so that we can easily check them all before voting.

Noah said...

I agree Rai, but the poll tool doesn't allow me to do that, sorry!

Wendy Marie said...

sigh... My favorite is the flower skull. (Not listed in the poll! For shame!) I first saw it on the cover of Poetry Magazine and pretty much became obsessed with skulls after that (along with other anatomical images... heart, brain.) Then I saw your book in Barnes & Noble, and found the beautiful flower petal skull inside. It was meant to be, so I of course bought it. Now I have your book on my living room table. And skull(s) on the brain.

Noah said...

Sorry it didn't make it to the poll Wendy Marie, but I'm glad to know you've been enjoying my project!