Friday, December 9, 2011

Motivational Skulls

Today’s skulls are a by-product from two of the many recent lectures by The Skullmaster.

Jeannine Luby in Scranton, PA told us: “I heard Noah speak in Scranton PA in September and was inspired by his work. While on vacation in Williamsburg, VA I decided to create a skull from the shells I found at a beach along the James River.”

Cynthia wrote: “I just took Noah’s class during my MDC training over the last two weeks and when he was in Crotonville, we still had our masking tape art up on the wall. Well, as we were taking it down, I bunched it up into a ball and found myself forming this skull like shape. I really enjoyed the class. Thanks—”

C. Foley says:

It is wonderful to see how the Skullmaster’s influence is always paid forward in inspiring his past students. Thank you both for submitting you work for us to share. Also, if any of our readers who have been inspired directly by the Skullmaster or indirectly through one of the wonderful artists that we feature everyday, we would love to hear from you. Please send your work to our Submission Box.

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Anonymous said...

love the paper skull