Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alyssa's Skulls

Alyssa Cooper submitted three different skulls. She included explanations of each.

This skull is a study of a canine skull done with charcoal.

This skull "was my costume for Halloween. I used a traditional film camera with black and white film to showcase the face paint, and was pleased at the way it came out.

This skull "was a nametag I made for myself. First, I took a picture with a blank sheet of paper, then after printing it, I added the skeleton in ink."

I love seeing the variety of her work. That is something that all of us editors can appreciate. The shading of the canine skull is beautiful. The makeup is dramatic and eerie, which is great for a Halloween costume. The skeleton is neat because she's drawn it in a way where when she holds it for a photograph, it looks like an x-ray. It's nice to see someone else doing what all of us editors have done, make skulls in different ways.

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