Saturday, December 24, 2011

Super "Good Art Hlywd" Skull Saturday

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing the wonderful skull works of Josh Warner and his Good Art Hlywd skulls that we featured here in the past then let me give you a drop kick into a refresher course. Josh and his crew forge each one of these badass pieces by hand to create magnificent skull jewelry(and other products).

First up, what do you get for the person who has everything? This giant sterling silver desk skull will provide you with a heavy duty answer.

For those of us who never wanna grow up we can be Good Art kids with this set of skullriffic Army Men modeled after the original troop.

These Jack Moto rings would leave a nice forehead impression on anyone who doesn't see how killer these mofos are.

And the perfect compliment to the Jack Moto ring would, of course, be a Jack Skull bracelet.

This skully silver & leather key tab will make you stop saying, "Where are my keys?", and make you start saying, "Where is my Good Art skull key tab?".

You may have seen the original Jack Skull pendant post, but I'm betting you didn't know that that come in so many sizes. No matter your stature, there's a Jack Skull pendant made just for you.

And for all of the avid bikers out there, like Josh and myself, you'll never have better luck than with this Triple Skull Road Bell watching all around you.

These are all of the finest American hand made quality, and Josh loves to make sure his clasps and designs are built for those who know how to wear them. Now don't be fooled by the amazing array of skull works from Josh and his crew. They make tons of other glorious works including Spanish crosses, lighter cases, wallet chains, leather goods, and much more. They do have a new store that recently opened up here so go check it out. You won't get anything in time for this holiday season, but luckily these pieces impress the masses all year round. Thanks for this super skull Saturday, Josh!

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Abby Davis said...

I love their work! I wish I could justify buying that desk skull to add to my skull collection!