Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sketchy Skulls

Today's skulls were created in that moment.

First up is Scott Lewis who told us: “I got inspired one day and finished a skull that I've had lying around in sketch form for several years. I like the finished art, but the sketches have an aesthetic all their own.”

Next is a current 365er & Interior Design student, Anna Grace in Knoxville, TN who said: “I've been sketching lamps for as long as I can remember. With a new appriciation for skulls, I had to incorporate one into a lamp! This is my original sketch I did while in History class(I'm a diligent note-taker of course!), which was actually the third skull I've ever drawn!

And last is Allegra from LaLa Land, CA who wrote: “Im obsessed with skulls...I draw these things EVERYWHERE! Just ask my boyfriend, he is the one who sent me your link- right after I sent him this same scanned image from work.”

DaVinch C says:

The rough drafts, doodles, and studies are the places from which great ideas grow from. Every art collection in the world includes at least some sketches from an artist’s private notebook. Thank you all for opening your notebooks and sharing with us the drafts of your present and future greatness.

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