Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Simulacra - Version 5.38

The skull hunters came through this week with some more great finds. Let's get to them.....

Wendy Boggs of Richmond, VA was on a trip out West to the Nevada desert and nabbed a pic of this rock formation that has been dubbed "skull rock".

Back towards the Midwest Gemma Heilmer of Illinois noticed this gooey skull on the inside of the lid to a jar of marshmallow creme.

And ending back on the East side of the states in Georgia we have self proclaimed skull fanatic Hollie-Marie Roswell who spied this air freshener with a subtle disguise.

Thanks for coming through with some simulacra sustenance, skull hunters. Remember to submit your hidden skull finds to help keep this weekly feature going. It thrives on the trophies you collect. Good luck!

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