Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mythical Glass Skulls

Percy Echols is a glass sculptor working from Illinois State University.  I feel his description of his work does a waaaay better job than I could....

"Using fictional narrative, I create a mythology in which I deal with human perception and belief. The narrative itself focuses on the presence of corruption in the world. I use corruption analogously with change, influenced by talks by Jan Verwoert on corruption, care, and magic. As a medium, glass is chosen for its translucent properties that lend to the mystical. Through the narrative I draw inspiration from many religious and cultural mythologies, as well as my personal experiences. In rendering this process I use deconstruction and reconstruction of nature to render abstract creatures. These creatures together with other sculptural elements will tell a piece of the narrative."

Title: Solntsedar I: Character Attribute Study
Materials: Blown, Cast, Flamworked Glass, paint, and colored water
Detail view
Title: Syblline Abyss: Ravine
Materials: rolled steel, blown and cast glass, LEDs, arduino hardware

Glass sculpting is still one of my personally favorite art forms. These pieces are works of imagination brought to life by Percy. The mental becoming the physical by way of molten creationism and hand manipulated tools. Thanks for the great work, Percy!

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