Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skull Baby Toy

This skull toy is a gift made for a special baby by Alex Davis. You might recognize who is holding it, as Noah Scalin.

You may or may not know, that Noah and his wife are expecting a baby in a few months. Of course that means that the baby gets gifts that their parents would like too. While I was busy making something (which you will see later today), my daughter was busy making a skull toy for the baby. This was totally her idea. She wanted to contribute to the baby gifts. She raided my fleece fabric stash (which exists to make baby gifts) to make the toy. She made the pattern, cut everything out, and stitched the face on. For baby safety, I stitched around the perimeter of the skull with my sewing machine, stuffed it, and closed it. I also re-enforced Alex's stitching on the teeth. She loves making toys and this is her best one yet.

Have you made an awesome piece of skull art? If so, submit it to us! We love see what you all create, and might post it on our website. Details on what we need for a submission can be found here

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