Friday, January 4, 2013

[BONUS] Skull Stencils In Use

Over the past few months, lots of you all have been submitting In Use photos of Noah's stencils. Here is a round up of those submission.

Antti Siitari from Finland, used the #9 Skull Stencil on the amp for an electric guitar.

 Marty Busch also used the #9 Skull Stencil. He explained, "I've used the skull stencil on a lot of stuff, really killer stencil! But last month (June 2012) I used it among other stuff on the doors of my '49 Ford F-1 pickup. Built it from scratch... Used the skull, with the lettering on one, used same but different stencil for star - it's all spray paint. Took about 3 hours with an xacto knife to cut both out, but check it out! Turned out good."

Russell Jones used the #9 Skull Stencil on a t-shirt. He "took a short class in screen printing and here is a couple of photos of one of the t-shirts I made.  Kind of prototype at the moment but I think they came out ok."

Avery Dennis used multiple stencils to decorate a skateboard (skullboard?). He used the #9 Skull Stencil, #232 Stylized Stencil Skull, and #38. Quoth the Skull cut out.

Jessica Boudreaux used the #232 Stylized Stencil Skull to adorn a t-shirt.

Stacy Asher, Wisconsin said, "I loved the 'I Heart Skulls' stencil (Skull Appreciation Day Stencil) that you put out over the summer. I had been looking for the perfect place to put it when I realized that I could combine my 2 favorite things. Making quilts and collecting skulls. So this was my result."

We love seeing how you all use the Free Stuff that is available on Skull-A-Day. As you can see, there is always a great variety of ways to use the different skulls we offer. If you have made something using any of the Free Stuff skulls, please submit it to us

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