Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lenore's Super Ceramic Skull Saturday

French artist Lenore62 can clearly be regarded as a skull fanatic when you peruse the multitude of skulls she's creating. These ceramic skullptures are quite the impressive group, but it's just a fraction of her body of work that includes drawing and painting as well.  I posted my favorite of the bunch first, but the plant holder and spike mohawk skulls are tied for a very close second.  Thanks for sharing all of them Lenore!

1 comment:

Lenore said...

Salut Dears Friends who like Skulls!

Ha!ha!ha! i'm very very Happy to discover that you like so my Skull-Work! *^_^*
i'm very touched and proud to belong to"in A-Skull-A-Day Club"!! >w< (Blush with pleasure)!!

Thank you very much!!
it's a great pleasure to share my Treasures with You!!^^

Friendly Dark Kisses From France,