Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Sugar (Skull) Book

Joby Cummings has well over 2 decades of tattoo and graphic design experience and is the man behind some of our most popular previous features: Hello Skully, 7sins Skull, Muertos Skull.  His sugar skull designs are some of his most whimsical and interesting pieces- ranging from a bunny to an ice cream cone to the Aliens monster and a $#!+load more.  These beauties are all now arranged in a wonderfully colorful book called "The Sugar Book". This is "A collection of 100 sugar skulls illustrated in style heavily influenced by modern day traditional tattoo art. A wonderful compendium of whimsical decorative skulls inspired by the day of the dead."

In other words....IT"S BADASS!  If you like any of these styles then you will drool over how well Joby mixes them.  His website is a great place to see more of what lies in store once you purchase your own copy plus a nice collection of his tattoo works.  Thanks for sharing your hard work with us again, Joby!

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