Saturday, August 3, 2013

Steampunk Craniometer

Every so often we get the pleasure of seeing some work that is only best explained by it's creator. Today's awesome work is from Art Donovan so I'll let him take over from here...


The following is from Art's website
"Shiva Mandala. My most complex work to date.

The Center is hand painted and duplicated from an ancient astrolabe created in 1291 by Muhammad Ali Bakr, the great Persian scientist. Ancient Persian text is inscribed in gold and the Rete is hand cut polycarbonate (translucent).

The Shiva slowly rotates @ 1RPM. A 24 hour clock with masonic, past master compasses and mariners' quadrant has a swinging pendulum with a holographic, All Seeing Eye. The skull is full-sized and supported in a handmade mahogany gimbal with brass rods.

Masonic symbology throughout the design.

Designed and entirely hand made by Art Donovan. Featured at the historic Oxford Museum Steampunk exhibition."

Shiva Mandala

Where do I begin with all that I love about this piece?  The skull of course!  I adore all of the symbolism that covers many, many walks of life.  A rich tapestry displayed to teach us lessons of time, value, morality, and balance.  I personally want to meet Art upon the level, act upon the plumb with my sincerest thanks, and part upon the square in wishing him the best of luck with all of his glorious endeavors.  Thanks, Art!