Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Simulacra - Version 7.10

Today's batch of simulacra are a mechanical bunch.  Each serving it's own unique purpose...

Scott Patrick McBride was at Johnny Brenda's in Fishtown (Philadelphia) watching The Veils.  When the show was over he and a friend went to the first floor bar and happened to sit across from this juicer press. The skull of "Jucifer".

DJ Carlito found this mixer skull.  "Kinda like seeing the image of Jesus in an omelette, but it's there only if you look at it (or point your camera) in the right angle."

Al Frank from Austin, TX found this smiley skull on the inside of the battery space on a Coleman electric lantern.

These mechanical marvels were designed by someone.  Someone who, I wonder, might be a secret skull fan working their subject into their design.  Or maybe it's just coincidence.  Either way we want to thank Scott, DJ, and Al for sharing their finds.  If you happen to find one of your own then be sure to submit it for the rest of the skull loving world to see.

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