Friday, September 21, 2007

110. NYC Street Trash Skull

Arranged Found Plastic Webbing (approx. 2ft x 2ft) 11th St. NYC. In typical New York City fashion no one was fazed by my making a trash skull between parked cars in the middle of the day on a busy street.


Anonymous said...

Yes ! Great blog ! Sometimes I like to draw Skuls too. You can see that on my blog here :
And here :
And if you like the pictures, you can put it on yours.

PS : I hope this message is comprehensible because I’m French and my English isn’t very good…

Anonymous said...

make one with the yellow 'caution' strips found all over new york

b13 said...

Sent you a package today :) be on the lookout

ysartist said...

Oh I miss New York, and I loved what you did in the street :)

Anonymous said...

Yous see I represents the New York Association of Sanitation Engineers (NYAOSE). It's nice that you feel compelled to work with items you found lying around, but around here that work is done by the union. I would hate for your next piece to have a little "accident" if yous know what I mean.

Thank Yous in advance for your cooperation.