Sunday, September 16, 2007

Braincase X

More terrific submissions from around the globe...

Gary Moyer shot this great image with a toy camera.

Brook was the first to send me the nifty D.I.Y. rhinestone skull clock. (thanks to Kristy and Campy for also sending this one!).

Wendy sent this picture of her and her girlfriend's cute matching skull tattoos!

Rebecca made this terrific illustration.

Tazerboy23 reminded us of the excellent "reverse graffiti" of Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion.

Artist Charles Oliver makes lots of neat surrealist work featuring skulls.

Karyn sent these incredibly cool pictures of her 6 year old daughter last Halloween. In her words, "All the girls in her Brownie Troop were princesses, but my kid would have none of that. They went to the zoo together for a Girl Scout Halloween outing and they would not associate with her. She didn’t seem to care, but after that I promptly pulled her out of Girl Scouts. She’s too good for them, I think."

Anthony Liekens sent his student Margriet Palm's amazing diagram. In his words, "It is a biochemical network that we have artificially evolved to act as an 'exclusive disjunction' gate. The figure is a representation of one of the results. It was not intended to look like a skull, but turned out like that anyway." [this submission inspired the #81 Flow Skull]

Guy spotted this cute skull on his son's block!

AlphaA sent this eerily cool image of "a basemenet wall in a very old house"!

Scott took this great photo of Halloween decorations.

Kellee made this extra cute twist tie skull!

My friend Jon gave me an awesome jumbo list of skull-making suggestions:
  • Chainsaw carving - The pencil totem was too small ;)
  • Smashed banana
  • ASCII Characters - ok, this isn't very original
  • Apple-a-day skull
  • Dusty-car-back-window skull
  • Spilled-coffee-on-shirt skull
  • A bush-cut-as-skull
  • Gobo / shadow skull
  • I wonder if there is a google maps satellite-image-skull?
  • Burnt rubber skull (big / car burn outs)
  • lite-brite
  • etcha-sketch
  • for christmas - christmas lights

Author/Illustrator Slim Palmer sent this lovely illustration.

My friend Chris discovered this cute cheese skull while making a sandwich!

Mark made this spiffy switch plate as a housewarming gift for a goth friend! Visit his Flickr page for the How-To directions.

Tim's son Sawyer got a Papercraft Skull as a first birthday gift!

Jean-Daniel from Paris created these excellent images!

Jim Davies reminded us of the neat-o PacMan Skull created by French artist Le Gentil Garçon.

Here are just a few of the many awesome Boston tombstone skulls sent by Manny!

Lana (Turner) McTighe made this sweet drawing.

Wiseblood showed of this spiffy Wilco T-shirt worn by GlobGlob.


And finally I wouldn't normally get to this for a few weeks, but I wanted to tell folks that I definitely know about the melted tape skull created by artist Brian Dettmer thanks to: Jordie, Nathan, Kieran, Shawn, Mathieu, Sally J., Steven, Briar, Kaitlen, John G., Moose, Peter Risanger, Fayette, and Moreismore!

Thanks again to everyone for your submissions! If you want to send something you made/found use the address at the upper right corner of the site. Be patient it may take up to 3-5 weeks for me to post new submissions. I respond to all submissions so if you don't hear back from me within a week assume it was eaten in cyberspace and send again.

And don't forget if you tag your photos on Flickr "skulladay" you can see them on the site even sooner (check out the gizmo in the sidebar).


Tim said...

Wow, I don't know how you keep track of all these submissions.

Update on giving a papercraft skull to a one-year-old: it didn't last long. It was soggy and smashed in about a day.

Noah said...

I'm not surprised Tim, but at least you got some fun photos while it lasted!

Monster-Maniac said...

Love Braincase. The first photo is so spookky, and th illustration is madeningly deatailed. Everything else is so great.

The Lone Beader® said...

I'm going to submit a photo my latest piece when it is finished... It will include more than one scary skull... =:)