Saturday, November 24, 2007

Guest Post #3

I'm on vacation, but don't worry I'm still making skulls while I'm away and I'll post them all after I return.

In the meantime please enjoy these skulls found by my friend Julien in Istanbul...


mim said...

Thanks to Julian, the supplier of the fabulous Turkish skulls, for translating the words. These "danger of death" heads are everywhere? I'm going to post something on my blog that needed one of those.

Anonymous said...

Actually they are everywhere.
I only started to notice them since this project. You can see a lot of little building in the streets 'disguised' as little village houses which are in fact electric transformers buildings.
The funny thing is that you would think that they would only use one design for all of them but no. :)
Thanks again a lot to Mica.