Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guest Post #8

I'm on vacation, but don't worry I'm still making skulls while I'm away and I'll post them all after I return.

In the meantime please enjoy these skulls found by my friend Julien in Istanbul...


Anonymous said...

that is such a cool phone
nice skulls

Anonymous said...

hello, I'm Julien.
the first picture was taken in the street where I live and was drawn by 6-7 years old kids. Kezban is a name. I'm guessing one of the kids' name here ;)

The second picture was seen on a motorcycle. I often see this one on motorcycles, is it something they give away for free when you buy one ? ;)

The third picture, is a friend's phone on which I spotted this little skull. The phone is cool. you can open it to write messages, when you close it, it's a normal cell phone with a normal dial pad.

Thanks again Mika for all this :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Julien, May be Kezban is a future artist of skulls

mim said...

I love the "Kezban" skull. What a cute skull drawing..I mean CUTE! Thanks Julian for capturing all these images for us, thanks, Mica for posting, merci beaucoup!