Wednesday, February 27, 2008

269. (Hill of) Beans Skull

Arranged Dried Black & Pinto Beans (14in x 19in [35cm x 48cm]).


mim said...

So I'm sitting here in my chilly house, late at night, thinking....hmmm, soup would be nice. Nice hot soup, and then I see great ingredients for a nice, hot soup. Yum!

Citizen Agent said...

Hannibal C said:

I told you FAVA Beans!

Now be a nice boy and get me another glass of Chianti.


Tatman said...

Little did you know that this is what Mt. Tatman is made of. It's a real toxic methane volcano (haha).

Original as always. Keep it up.

blakewest said...

They're not organic beans?! I am shocked ;o)

katillac deVille said...

First I thought they would do for a good chili, but black beans and pintos together... I don't know. A nice side dish would probably be better.

tatman.. heh. Just watch out for the pyroclastic flows.