Saturday, February 23, 2008

Skull-A-Day Music

Be sure to check out the new music player I've just added to the side bar. It allows you to play most of the winning entries from the Skull-A-Day theme song contest (back in September) as well as a few bonus tracks. Lyrics, downloadable MP3s, and Videos for many of the songs can be found HERE.


Unknown said...

I have a song called "crossbone boy" that would be good for your skull site. I wrote it 5 years ago, before the skull trend, about a guy who had a lot of people die on him and got a skull tattoo on his wrist. Could I send it to you? You could also get it on itunes under my name.

Vanja James

Noah said...

Definitely feel free to send it via the submission address if you'd like us to share it on the site! I'd love to hear it either way. Thanks!