Sunday, February 17, 2008

Braincase XXIX

Lots and lots of submissions from all over the place... (received 1/7 - 1/13)

Leo spotted this cool motorcycle helmet from Brazil!

Christiane spotted this lovely simulacra, while walking in the Swiss mountains! She also suggested a frost on window skull and helped me buy a copy of the op-art skull poster from Switzerland!

DT made this terrific butter skull on X-mas day!

Peg shot this skull-y sign on Saint Mark's Place during a recent trip to New York City!

B13's eagle eyes spotted Elisha Cuthbert's skull-y watch!

Spa Bear shared the awesome work of Boz from Dublin, Ireland.

Neil Caldwell sent his excellent sketch with an unintentional skull in it (in the middle of the two faces)!

Fernando in Spain point out a nifty skull hiding on the 2$ Mexican coin!

Moose spotted this keen poster by The Decoder Ring Design Concern at

this cute print from the the folks at Aesthetic Apparatus...

as well as this fun death-themed Photoshop contest at!

My friend Julien found these fantastic stencils in Paris!

Shawn Shotzberger send these great drawings he made with the Zefrank Scribbler!

Peter Ha caught this tough skull at the Skull Candy CES booth!

The Guerrilla Aesthete pointed out this cool looking (despite its function) ash tray at Design Public!

Erik showed off the stencil on his new hard drive. He says, " I thought it was fitting for what I'll be using it for."

Tracy pointed out this awesome logo for sada104!

AllColdInside shared this neat logo he made for his Xbox gamers site

Guillaume shared this fascinating CFDG programmed skull (I don't really understand it, but you can get the software/program here)!

Kate spotted this creepy plaster skull at the emergency room in St. Vincent's hospital in Connecticut...

And also shared this sweet picture from her wedding! In her words, "The favors were skull-shaped lollipops with red ribbons that said "Until we are bones," and during the rehearsal my mother gave us skull bracelets. We decided to wear them for the ceremony. We're 3.5 months in now, and things are still blissful...skulls will keep us together."

Chimerastone showed off her lovely papier-mâché skull and customized cuff!

Stax took this excellent photo of a model skeleton!

Zeeshan sent the following message: "Interesting hobby! Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to create me exactly 741 skulls. If yes, would you please send me a quote and the turnaround time?"

Ake in Sweden showed of this nice looking (again despite it's function) ashtray bought in Bulgaria 10+ years ago.

Thanks again everyone!


You are welcome to submit your own found/made skulls at the address in the upper right-hand corner of the site. But please read the following FIRST:

1. Be sure to include your name as you would like it to appear on the site.
2. Let me know if there is a website you would like YOUR name linked to.
3. I would prefer if you made or took the images yourself.
4. If you find the image online you MUST do the following or it will not be included:
  • Do NOT send just a direct link to an image file (jpeg, gif, png, etc.).
  • Attach the actual image in the e-mail.
  • Give the name of the original artist (and a link to that artists' work if available).
  • Provide a link to a web page where the art came from (if it wasn't directly from the artist's site)
5. If you are sending an image of your own tattoos be sure to include the artist's name, location, and website (if available) so I can give them proper credit.
6. If you send multiple items I may only pick one or two to include, so be selective if you can.
7. I won't repost items I've received before so be sure to check previous Braincase posts.
8. Please be patient it will take around 5-6 weeks for new submissions to be posted.
9. Don't forget you can see your items in the sidebar right away if you post them to Flickr and include the tag "skulladay".



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