Sunday, February 3, 2008

Braincase XXVII

A passel of submissions from parts near and far...
(submitted 12/17 - 12/26)

My friend Buck in Hawaii spotted this guy in Spain...

...and suggested the following for me:
Skull hedges - sculpt someone's shrubbery into a skull
Skull brakelights - pt cruiser owners get silhouettes of the pt cruiser logo to slide into their third brakelight. You could do the same with a laser printer, overhead transparencies, and your "I heart skull skull skull" logo
play on words - cut a skull out of the lid from a can of skoal, or pile the tins into the shape of a skull
dead grass skull - weed killer, a volunteers lawn, nuff said (or somebody you don't like's lawn)
steam skull - bathrom mirror or window after a shower, draw a skull with your finger
sunburn skull - should've had this idea 2 weeks ago, draw a skull on your chest with 45spf, hit the beach, let it burn
Chrismas skulls - multiple wreaths dissected and rearanged into skull shape
- blank christmas tree with tinsel strewn into shape of skull, possibly with red lights in the eyes
- lots of chrismas lights, and a porch rail..... your neighbors would love you. especialluy if combined with a christmas pentagram
- christmas tree with tinsel everywhere except shape of skull
dog poo skull - nuff said
skull cut - have volunteer carve skull into back of head
cookies and cream ice cream skull
drywall skull - find a construction / demolition site that'll let you have a few minutes of creativity
shampoo lather skull - draw one in the lathe on your dome then snap a picture
shag carpet skull
carpet remnants skull
hole in jeans shaped like a skull (ass-skull?)
dirty sock skull - white and black socks on the floor
laundry soap skull (will be blacklight reactive, too)
hire / volunteer a large group of people to stand in a football field arranged like a skull - bonus points if they do it naked
ascii skulls have been done for years, you could make a new one
holstien skull -search a large dairy farm for a cow spot shaped like a skull
connect the dots skull - on a dalmation

My friend Aurelia in Hawaii made these sweet "skullflakes" for me!

Bianca Ansems, from Breda, The Netherlands, showed off her terrific illustration "Endlessly" (look closely to see the skull).

Ville/DJ Rauz spotted this possibly intentional skull-y map in Half Life 2: Episode Two.

My friend Charlie took these great pix at the poison center at the university where he works...

...and suggested the following:
a plastic videotape case or DVD plastic case.
a carved pencil eraser on the end of a number 2, in case there is a quiz on it later.
a ceiling tile skull.

Kirk made this creepy self portrait!

Duygu Türkmen spotted these nifty salt & pepper shakers...

...and these spiffy cornbread cupcakes from Bake & Destroy!

Arbyn pointed out the keen work of Munk One via Ffffound!

Bob Conge at Plaseebo wished us a Happy Holidays with this cute guy!

My friend Julien managed to photograph even more great signs and stickers in Istanbul! Be sure to check out his stencil graffiti blog as well.

Rodrigo Pradel showed off this wicked piece he did on a vinyl record!

Eva took this pic of a cool poster in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

My apologies to James, the image he linked to in the Gauardian is no longer online (one of the reasons I ask now that you attach the image rather than link to it)!

Andres showed off his lovely work on Deviant Art!

Gerd Brunzema spotted this neat sculpture in Hamburg, Germany!

Mallorie Curry discovered this sneaky little fellow hiding in a paint palette while painting Xmas ornaments!

Leiarenee pointed out this awesome gas mask suit from Aitor Throup on Tone.

Frank sent this nice holiday .gif by Mitch O'Connell!

Luke made this excellent marshmallow skull!

Allan Sørensen in Odense, Denmark, showed off this awesome guitar customized by Danish artist Peter Dam.

August Voss made this fantastic carved obsidian skull with precious opal teeth! (link seems to be dead, if you have a new one send it along)

Cliff is in the midst of his own keen daily skull project, photographing a small marble one he carved himself! Follow his progress HERE.

Dave spotted this psychedelic skull at a Roison Murphy concert in Vienna, Austria!

Nick jessen, from Bethesda, Maryland spotted this skull-y image in the movie V for Vendetta!

12 year old Oliver Larsen Denmark, was inspired by Skull-A-Day to make this fantastic image using my Cocoa Stencil and a vintage typewriter!

My friend Eliza made the following suggestions:
Constellation skull?
Dance footprint instructions skull?
Dr.brommer's style text skull?
Skull shaved into the back of your head?
Veggie-tales skull? (I mean, they must have skulls under there, right?)
Mickey mouse-style ice cream skull on a stick?

Keith made this nice paper collage a few years ago!

Angela in Alaska wished me a "skully Xmas" with this fun image!

Moose pointed out the fabulous work of Tom Bagshaw!

Charlie Lui discovered the super cute "Mr. Skull Bubbles" in his shower!

Nix Sidhe shared some of her terrific skull collection...

...Including an embroidered pillow she made!

The Lone Beader showed off her excellent Trimph of Death image! You can even buy stuff with it on it at her Cafe Press store.

Glen C. did a fantastic job making a long exposure (15 second) flashlight image (about 2-3 feet tall, with him behind it) in his basement!


A big thanks to Tim at Monstrous Gear for sending me this super cool shirt!

Thanks again everyone!


You are welcome to submit your own found/made skulls at the address in the upper right-hand corner of the site. But please read the following FIRST:

1. Be sure to include your name as you would like it to appear on the site.
2. Let me know if there is a website you would like YOUR name linked to.
3. I would prefer if you made or took the images yourself.
4. If you find the image online you MUST do the following or it will not be included:
  • Do NOT send just a direct link to an image file (jpeg, gif, png, etc.).
  • Attach the actual image in the e-mail.
  • Give the name of the original artist (and a link to that artists' work if available).
  • Provide a link to a web page where the art came from (if it wasn't directly from the artist's site)
5. If you are sending an image of your own tattoos be sure to include the artist's name, location, and website (if available) so I can give them proper credit.
6. I won't repost items I've received before so be sure to check previous Braincase posts.
7. Please be patient it will take around 5-6 weeks for new submissions to be posted.
8. Don't forget you can see your items in the sidebar right away if you post them to Flickr and include the tag "skulladay".



Sara said...

I couldn't find the skull in the V for Vendetta pic. Help anyone?

Noah said...

Here's what Nick said about that image: "You'll notice it in the shapes of the remainder of the building, V is standing on your left hand side's eye socket".

The Lone Beader® said...

Thanks for posting my beaded Triumph!! :D

Meanie said...

Love this blog. I check it everyday now!