Thursday, December 22, 2011

Molten Plastic Skull

Vincent Vinsz from East of France made these skulls with molten plastic. He explains about his work, "I started experimenting with plastic around 1993, mainly by melting used pencils and pens with lighters or candles and forming them into palm sized skeleton sculptures. A year later, I made a glorious discovery in my family garage while I was working - I was able to melt bigger sized and larger quantities of plastics by using a blowtorch! I was estatic as suddenly I was able to transform solid plastic into a molten state, thus opening the doors for infinite creativity and innovation. Finally, this material is able to express itself more widely."

Art is born out of experimentation. Playing with an old material in a new way is how some of the best ideas are formed. I like the relief style of this piece. It's a modern take on ancient stone and clay reliefs. The variation in color is interesting. It could have been caused by the burning of the blow torch or inks separating if the plastic was printed prior to melting. I like how the color variation sinks into the crevices giving it an eerie feeling as if the skull had been buried in red clay dirt.

For more of Vincent's work, check out his archives and Facebook page.

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