Friday, June 29, 2012

[BONUS] Headshot/Skullshot

In anticipation of some upcoming projects I decided I needed some new headshots...

I'm a big fan of the incredibly talented photographer Bill Wadman, so I was delighted that he agreed to the task. The next piece was securing a location and thanks to my friend Symon Chow  (another incredibly talented photographer) I was able to get connected to the fine folks at The Evolution Store, an amazing cabinet of curiosities in NYC –  if you've never been I highly recommend a visit. Alex Minott, the manager (and a fine skull artist in his own right) kindly let us use the space for this shoot and all the pieces came into place!

Side note, Bill experienced a very unusual camera issue in the process of taking these pictures, which made one of them come out looking quite odd, you can check it out on his blog HERE.

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kerosene said...

Really great photos!