Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Simulacra - Version 6.3

Today’s simulacra are tapping at the window lattice

Skull-A-Day collaborator Paul Overton of Dudecraft in North Carolina sent us this picture of a simulacra that was lurking behind the curtains.

 [if you can't see it he's outlined it in the image below -N]

Shelik F also found a peeping simulacra at their window.  They wrote: “These are curtains that hang from an apartment window right across from me. Every night I see that skull on the right, and three ghoulish robed figures to the left. Those purple curtains haunt me, they never flinch.”

C. Jeffries says:

I feel like I should be calling the police on myself looking at these simulacra. Thank you both for sharing your peeping simulacra finds with us. 

Keep sending those pictures in, we always love seeing what our skull hunters find. Anyone is welcomed to participate, it's fun and it's easy- if you see a simulacra skull, photograph it and send those pictures in to our submissions address with a little something about what it is really and maybe a little about you.

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Peace said...

I see about 5 skullies in the first one! =0O