Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[BONUS] Skulledelic Tattoo

Check out this amazing version of my 347. Skulledelic image that Thomas put on his arm with the help of tattoo artist Micha from Ink & Pain in Leipzig, Germany!

You might also recognize this skull from the album cover for my band's vinyl release AND a lovely sweater by Sibling.

I'm always excited when my work becomes a permanent part of someone's body and I'm glad to add Thomas to the elite ranks of Skull-A-Day tattooed including our editor Abby, who has my Quoth The Skull on her arm;  Deacon who got my Ornamental skull on his back; Denis who got a skull I drew for him when I signed his copy of my book Skulls; Kevin, GlobGlob & Drew who used the Skullphabet for their tattoos; Katrina who had a tattoo designed for her by Skull-A-Day fans; Danny who got the Rorschach Skull; Tammie who got my Acorn Skull; and of course Tatman and myself! Any other Skull-A-Day tattoos out there I don't know about?


Azurafae said...

Tattooing that takes some serious talent! It looks amazing!

Thomas Höhne said...
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Thomas Höhne said...

Yes - of course! Here's my other arm: