Friday, June 1, 2012

[BONUS] Abby's Cabinet of Curiosities

A couple years ago, my grandmother moved from her two bedroom apartment into a room at a retirement home. This meant, that most of her furniture couldn't go with her. I made a special request, to take her record player cabinet, if she didn't want to bring it with her. She willingly gave it to me, since the record player no longer worked, along with some other treasured items. I decided to use the record player cabinet as a cabinet of curiosities, since it is a curious piece of furniture it's self.

It contains many Dia de la Abby pieces that I've made, as well as delicate gifts from friends, my skeleton model, and delicate things from sponsors, that I've acquired in my two years with Skull-A-Day. If you look carefully at the top shelf, you might recognize some pieces. Since the sixth year of Skull-A-Day is almost here (four more days), I wanted to share it with you. I'll try to identify them as best as I can, for you all.

  1. Dia de la Abby #19: Dia de los Muertos Shrine
  2. A set of three Tim Burton toys
  3. A Joshua Harker skull
  4. A skull quilt square that I worked on during the craft portion of last year's Skull Appreciation Day. I think under this is the quilt square that Citizen Agent made, and let me keep.
  5. Dia de la Abby #40: Skull Pastie
  6. A skull spider made by Amy Kopperude from her 365 Spider project
  7. A skull mug made by Nicole Pangas Ceramics
  8. Dia de la Abby #9: Hand Fan with Skulls
  9. A skull scout badge
  10. Dia de la Abby #56: Russian Matryoshka Skull Dolls
  11. A button pin made by Carolyn Oord for Pin Pals Art Show
  12. A button pin that I made for the same Pin Pal Art Show
  13. Dia de la Abby #24: Beaded Skull Broach
  14. #39 from Noah's recent 100 Painted Skulls
  15. A glass Tatman made me when I first joined the Skull Team.
  16. A skeleton model I bought when I first joined the Skull Team.
  17. A black skull votive holder from Target.

18. A large stack of pieces I've made, prints from Wenchkin, and an embroidered piece from my best friend Kit McSmash. On the top is Dia de la Abby #51: Collage Skull.
19. Dia de la Abby #2: Filet Crochet Skull
20. Dia de la Abby #27: Skullflake (Skull Snowflake)
21. A stack of mail art and cards from Wenchkin
22. Dia de la Abby #28: Punched Metal Skull

The collection looks creepier and more mysterious behind the closed doors of this tall cabinet.

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kerosene said...

Thanks for including my work;
that PinPal Show was great fun.
So lovely all of your skull things;
thanks for sharing.