Wednesday, June 20, 2012

C-Rations: Шесть 3

This week’s offering are cupcakes

“E-C Bake”, 5.5" round, standard size cupcakes decorated with icing and silver dragée

Room Mother C says:

As school winded down around these parts again until the fall , I had an opportunity to do my part in assisting with the festivities.  When I think of school being out for the summer it's difficult not to think of the Glam Prince of  Rock and it was his influential  ♫ School's out for summer ♫ that assisted me in the process of creating a few non-traditional designs in the batch.

**PS there was a sixth one before the accident

My weekly offering of original skull designs were posted on Mondays in year 3.0, you can see all of them plus a few more HERE . Knowing the personal pressures of a creating a piece each week, I tip my hat to the massive one-a-day project that was undertaken by The Skullmaster, during the original Skull-A-Day year.

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