Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Creepy Cute" Skulls

Lin Shi of the WWA Gallery thought our readers would like their current showing called "Creepy Cute".  I have a feeling our fans will love the skulls they'll find, including these from just 2 of the artists featured in the show.

"Chase Tafoya grew up in Merced, CA and looks to his background and relationships to create gritty paintings and illustrations infused with urban and street culture. Besides numerous exhibits all over the world in places such as Spain, Germany, Tokyo, and across the United States, his work can be found on projects and collaborations with Travis Barker, Soul Assassins, DSTROYR, The Lovewright Co. and many more. Being self taught, Tafoya’s incredible technical achievement in portraiture is further proof that it takes true passion and dedication to craft a successful artist."
"Jonathan Bergeron, aka Johnny Crap, is a painter and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. His artistic career began with designs for concert posters and t-shirts but his skills in ink and oils have since led to exhibits throughout Canada and the United States. Skulls favor heavily in Bergeron’s work though his paintings are not necessarily dark and macabre. Instead, much of Bergeron’s lush palette depicts intriguing narratives with a touch of humor."
"Creepy Cute" is a wonderful collection of art that is just that, creepy cute.  Of course there's a generous helping of skulls in the mix, but there's a slew of other great art featured as well (I'm not a Star Wars geek or anything, but these two are prime examples: 1 2).  You can find out more abut the show, which runs through Feb. 9th, at their site here.  Thanks for sharing the talents of others, Lin!  Thanks to Chase and Johnny as well!

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