Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quirky Bones Animal Skulls

The other day, I was browsing Instagram on my phone in search of great art. I came across an ongoing series of animal skull artwork made by Jennifer of Quirky Bones. I was so impressed with her artwork, that I asked her to submit it to us. Luckily, she responded and submitted several amazing paintings. Jennifer explained that Quirky Bones is "a personal project which I have created to bring myself in front of the viewing eyes of you beautiful people. I am based in the rural town of Wagga Wagga, Australia and you can often find me wondering through the worlds of Photography and Illustration, whilst listening to swell tunes."

We see a lot of artwork using human skulls as the motif, but rarely see animal ones. Jennifer paints her amazing animal skull portraits on cardboard. She uses a variety of animal skulls as her inspiration. I love the depth and character of each one. You can find more of Jennifer's work on Instagram (quirky_bones), Facebook, and Tumblr. She is free for commission so feel welcome to email her at

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