Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Simulacra - Version 6.38

Today's simulacra comes from Ryan Whisler who snared this smiling skull enjoying some good times at the Sedona Taphouse in Midlothian, VA. The light and shadow cast by the glass suggested a grinning skull that was competed with salt for the eyes and nose.

Judging by the shape of the glass and the color of the beer I would guess that this might be some type of Belgian brew.  I'll run with that idea and call this "spirit" Bernie the Belgian Beer Glass Skull.  Everyone has a great time when Bernie makes an appearance.  Thanks for sharing your good time with us, Ryan!

p.s.- I couldn't agree more with the coaster.

1 comment:

whislerrt said...

The beer that fills Bernie with such grim cheer isn't a Belgian. It's actually something of an aberration, a zero IBU IPA, The International Arms Race, made collaboratively by Brew Dog/Flying Dog. I'm not sure exactly why it was served in a Belgian glass.