Monday, February 25, 2013

[CONTEST] Win a "Skeleton Office" Prize Pack from CyberINK Online

This contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated with your comments. Stay tuned for more great giveaways coming soon!

“Creativity always dies a quick death in rooms that house conference tables” is a quote from Bruce Herschensohn that appeared in the New York Times on April 2, 1975. Apparently Bruce never had the chance to witness this creative response from our newest sponsor, CyberINK Online.  These skeletons might look dead, but their vibrant colors and gestures will bring life to your office, especially when I tell you that this is a prize pack featuring the following 3 items: 

Colorful 18"x24" print
Comfy 4 finger coffee mug
Cushy mouse pad

"CyberINK is a woman-owned, 15-year-old company in the Chicago Metro Area that sells quirky skeleton-themed products to people, museums and book stores. Since 2006, CyberINK has also been an independent publishing company that publishes books on a variety of topics. Owner Jean Latz Griffin, former Chicago Tribune reporter, has certified geek credentials and is working on a novel of historical fiction that includes talking cats and shy owls."

PRIZE INFO: One "Skeleton Office" prize pack consisting of 1- 18"x24" poster print, 1- coffee mug, and 1- mouse pad, all featuring the "Skeleton Office" design.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment stating what matter of business these skeletons might be discussing.  It could be anything from TPS reports to which stapler they like the best, the Swingline or the Boston.  Anything!

CONTACT INFO: If you win, we need to contact you. With your comment you must include your email address.  Entries are only valid with this information!  You can break it up to avoid spammers(i.e. skulladayfan AT skulladay dot com).

WHERE TO ENTER: All entries must be made on this blog post, on You CANNOT enter this contest by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

CONTEST CLOSES: 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time Friday, March 1st.


PRIZE SHIPS: To skull lovers worldwide whether you work in an office or not.

IF YOU DON'T WIN: You can always get your own skeleton supplies from CyberINK Online, which also features tons of other skull and skeleton designs.  Thanks for sharing your office space with us, Jean!


Unknown said...

Skellies working hard discussing what to eat for lunch !

Dr. M said...

Setting: (On the cup/poster/mousepad)

Head skeleton: Douglas, where are we with that report?

Douglas [flustered]: We're just compiling the survey responses now, Sir. Data acquisition is complete on my end. Bradley is processing the data and sending it on to Debra who will complete the analysis and present best practices.

Debra [mockingly]: Meh, meh. "Durtah Arquirdition...I'm Dougie. Besth Pwacticies.

Douglas: Excuse me, Debra? Did you have something to add?

[Debra shuffles papers on the desk and flicks off Douglas secretively.]

Douglas: Very mature. You know, I'm tired of the irresponsibility of some people here.

Bradley [mockingly]: I'm Dougie,I'm tired of blah blah, waah, wah! All I do is collect surveys but then I act like I actually do something. [Straightening up and raising an eyebrow] If you're tired of us, just imagine how tired we are of you, Mr. Best Practices. What does that even mean? We sell cupcakes. CUPCAKES. I mean, why are we having board meetings? We have one store, and it's run by Uncle Phil here. [Gestures to the head of the table.]

Uncle Phil: You do kind of have your drawers in a bunch, Doug. How much data do we need on icing preference?

Doug [obviously flustered]: This is a business, we need to run it like a business.

Debra: Shove a cupcake in your hole, Dougie. You don't do anything but write up reports. I mean what the eff is Data Acquisition. You asked 20 people about German Chocolate cupcakes and they all said the same thing: German Chocolate cupcakes have coconut icing on them. I mean give it a rest. Bake a cupcake once in a while, you weirdo.

Doug [to Uncle Phil]: Sir, are you going to let her talk to me like that? That should be grounds for dismissal. I demand that you ask for her resignation.

Phil [shaking his head]: Doug, I'm not firing your sister.

Doug [standing up quickly]: I'm reporting this to HR.

Brad: Aunt Mary is at yoga, you'll have to wait until she gets back. [under his breath] Weirdo.

(And scene!)

Gothic Overlord said...

Ever have that problem where your bones just dont stay "white". I mean I don't wanna bleach every day, and definitely not gonna sand, too abrasive. Whats your guys thoughts...

Kevin (Rikitikikevi) McIntyre said...

I think they are discussing who is "the brains" of the bunch!

markymark said...

I think the skelly's are discussing which one of them is the best for 'glowing in the dark' scary times at Halloween.
These are awesome, love them and would love to win them !!

Christopher Petkus said...
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Christopher Petkus said...

The yearly Calcium Awareness drive

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous image! I'd love to own any of these, I may have to buy a print even if I don't win.
tabzilla AT gmail dot com.

Chiara said...

They are discussing which of them has the coolest skin- on their laptop.

ckuryan at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

They're discussing what to do about all the stray dogs outside the office; digging holes and staring at all the employees through the windows.

Ann said...

they are deciding who is the most creative...they are going to change the look of the conference table...and they all have such great ideas that they can't decide! oh no..maybe the conference table will have to go.

Salingger said...

They are trying to decide wether they are in purgatory or hell.

Unknown said...

Osteoporosis survey study group

xfilekc said...

This is a meeting of upper management types - notice the one skelly at the end of the table. The head skelly has gathered his group to inform them of the spectacular salary increase they will give themselves this year. Notice the gestures from head skelly (why it's a great idea) and the other skellys clapping their hands (we agree)

xfilekc at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

To whom it may concern,
YOU TOLD US to put in overtime- but this is skele crazy!
Thanks for the weight loss program

Unknown said...

To the boss upstairs- YOU said over time - but the timing is crazy!
Do you think we will get a break?
are we dead and this is HELL?
You know overtime is not HEAVEN!
signed- the long leg lady

Beth said...

The middle skeleton figure has just finish a weekly meeting purposing Fridays to be casual yet classy hat days, the rest of the meeting party cheers, for they all know hats look the best on a bony head.

Beth Cochran

Emily said...



Unknown said...

They are discussing the best shade of fingernail polish to use!

Kate Mura said...

We should burn all these chairs and get those balls instead.

I miss my balls. No one wants to snuggle bones.

kate at fusepdx dot com

Ted said...

Winston (at the head of the table) is telling them that he is a compassionate leader, and the only one willing to show show his heart (you can see it in the X-ray.)

Scott Schluter said...

Definitely making lunch plans.

Paula said...

of COURSE they're discussing the absence of Yellow and how it's freaky that she's always so damn happy! And then later they'll discuss the draft report that's been rejected by company X
paulahaupt AT gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

They're trying to figure out why their insurance company is losing money.

Maybe it's the skull and crossbones logo. Maybe it's the company name, "Best Death Insurance".

teresaadyoung AT yahoo dot ca

Anonymous said...

They are discussing the effects of actually using old school briefcases on the prevalence of scoliosis.

Unknown said...

Well, of course they're discussing the values of calcium over phosphorus on their bottom line.
Side note: I'm a skull maniac, being born on Halloween as I was; this set would be awesome for my home office!

Unknown said...

Forgot my email address! It's jozone777atyahoodotcom!

Anonymous said...

The skully-heads are probably meeting about this year's Halloween.

Social Justice Social Worker said...

They're discussing ways to boost staff morale, including upping calcium intake, installing skeleton-friendly gravestones in all the restrooms, and whether 13 or 666 ravns would be a better number for the office Halloween party.