Monday, August 13, 2007

71. Paint Scratch Skull

Scratched Paint on Porcelain. There's an old bathtub in my house that gets used for cleaning brushes and I just noticed it has these two circular marks from paint rollers left to dry on end. How could I resist making them into the eyes of a cute skull?


Unknown said...

I love this blog!! I just linked to it from a - check it out!!

Suco de CĂ©rebro said...

This blog is really cool,nice project...the spoon skull is one of my favorites so far
it´s linked to my blog

Jennifer Luxmoore said...

Love the creativity, but having cleaned your sink the first night that I met you, I just feel sorry for the sink!


Noah said...

It's a different basin, but you're welcome to come clean it any time Jen!

Anonymous said...

This was a pop quiz from the professor.

Q: What makes this a cute skull?

Anyone? Anyone?

A: The heart shaped nose.

To learn more about cute skulls visit your local library of skulls. (#14)