Saturday, August 25, 2007

Braincase VII

Whew, there's been an avalanche of awesome submissions in the last week (especially thanks to the new visitors courtesy of Yahoo! and USA Today)! I'm slowly digging my way back to the surface and I promise they'll all get posted eventually, so be patient. Here's a recent(ish) batch to keep your skull addiction satisfied...

Linda discovered this skull in her handspun yarn!

Tony made this excellent illustration!

Fayette pointed out these spiffy yarn pirate knitting needles on Etsy (where there a ton of other amazing skull crafts can be found as well!)

T.W. sent in this awesome picture of a 20's/30's car turn signal!

Kris and Christian captured this spooky image in Leipzig!

Krissy Sandvik made these lovely hair clips (be sure to check out her other fabric work as well)!

West Schomer carved these wicked cool skull beads out of bones purchased at a pet store using a Dremel tool!

Mica found this cool eco-skull available on T-shirts and Stickers from Eco-Noize.

Kieran O'Neill was inspired by the United Skull of America to create the United Skull of Africa! Previously: United Skull of Europe and United Skull of Latin America.

Angela and her boyfriend discovered this cute skull while playing with glowsticks.

Gerry found this guy hiding on a ship in the Hamptons.

Nora spotted this image in a bathroom of Por Que No? Taqueria in Portland, OR.

Szablocs sent this excellent picture from Romania!

Kaitlen reminded us of the classic "All Is Vanity" illustration by Charles Allan Gilbert.

Beonder 13 said "the kids around the corner had this in their driveway".

And finally the mysterious Citizen Agent (A.K.A. "C") has transmitted this news article of questionable veracity (if you're not familiar, it references this recent bit of news):

Second Giant Lego man washed up on Dutch beach
Posted Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:03am AEST

A second giant, Lego man has been fished out of the sea in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort.

Workers at the same drinks stall rescued the second 2.5-metre tall model, which had a skull head and skull picture torso.

"Here we go again I thought as we saw something bobbing about in the sea again and we decided to take it out of the water," said a stall worker. "It was another giant Lego toy, although this one was a bit creepier then the last"

A woman nearby added: "This is the second time this week that one of these has washed up. It is beginning to look like Easter Island around here."

The toy was later placed in front of the drinks stall next to the other. The worker added: "I am still waiting the thing to crack open and 1,000 little lego men to jump out and kill us in our sleep, like in that movie Troy."

As always a huge thanks to everyone for sending stuff in, I really appreciate it! If you want to submit your own found/made skulls send em to the address in the upper right hand corner of this site. (As of now expect a 3-5 week delay before they end up online.)


Kim said...

Those are some seriously cool submissions. I have to check out the knitting stuff.

And I like the skullkini, but photographing strangers on a beach is totally creepy. Even in the name of skull-a-day.

Monster-Maniac said...

My favorite Braincase yet!

Angela said...

Hizza for the glowsticks skull!

Michael Schouman said...

Im not diggin the lego thing, it looks to fake. The story is fun though.

All the rest is awesome!