Sunday, August 26, 2007

84. Masking Tape Skull

Hand Torn Masking Tape on Cement. I was at a pirate themed birthday party for a friend's son in a park in southern Virginia today. After setting up the decorations in the picnic shelter I found myself with a roll of masking tape and some time on my hands so I left this on one of the tables.


Anonymous said...

It is so cool that you utilized materials from what was happening in your environment...tape from decorating a birthday party!!!

art is possible everywhere!

Mica said...

When I first saw it I thought it was made from that flat kind of pasta. which reminds me..I would like to see a spaghetti skull. Maybe they already make skull pasta?

Anonymous said...

I think my favorites are the ones left in public. There is just something mischievous about them. Wonder how many people have encountered one of the them and had no idea it was part of something bigger.

Art for art sake. Not for a patron- not for a gallery- Not for the ages- Get them while they last folks.

Noah said...

I agree C. I love whenever I encounter things that take me out of the normal experience of life and I enjoy the fact that I'm possibly doing the same for others.