Monday, August 20, 2007

Skull-A-Day Press: Yahoo! Picks

The Web hosts a treasure trove of online stuff-a-day: jokes, photos, words, hacks, and games, to name a few. Until we view them on a regular timetable, we don't even realize that our lives are missing them. Let the chores wait, right? This site neatly fills the void and provides that necessary, even lifesaving, skull-a-day. Boo! From the first one rendered in orange paper to a fiery sparkler, from a spooky cloud to a pile of veggies, from tea leaves to flower petals—the sometimes eerie begins to look almost commonplace. Even simple, everyday plastic items can be transformed into cranial art. Tiptoe through and find your favorite, or suggest one of your own. Before you know it, you'll be looking for them everywhere, and might even think they're cute."

On Yahoo! Picks
August 20, 2007

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