Tuesday, February 5, 2008

247. Valentine's Skull

Acrylic on Cut Chocolate Box. I realize this is a little early, but on a daily project you gotta do whatever inspires you in the moment and the moment I saw this in the store I knew what had to be done.

Since there's time I'll go ahead and make a downloadable PDF of this as a DIY valentine card! But I need a message to go on it. Submit your suggestions in the comments section and the winning one will get a special limited edition Skull-A-Day print as a prize! I'll choose the winner on Sunday.


Isaac said...

How about "I just love you to death."

That's an AWESOME image, by the way.

Unknown said...

to my valentine...til death do us part.

brutoole said...

you have my hand,
you have my heart,
you have my love until our flesh departs

Isaac said...

"You're like my skull, Valentine: I can't get you out of my head."

Magpie Sue said...

My heart can't contain it all, so my skull is bleeding for you.

courtesy of lithewarrior

katillac deVille said...

"Aw, c'mon. It won't kill you to eat one."

The Wife said...

My love for you is eternal.

Be Mine...forever.

Love never dies.

Requiescat In Amor
("Requiescat In Pace" offshoot of course!)

Miles said...

"And even you will come to this,
This horrible decay,
Star of my eyes, my spirit's light,
My angel and my passion!

Yes! even you, oh queen of grace,
When sacraments are done,
Shall rest beneath the growing grass,
Just one more skeleton."

-Charles Baudelaire, Carrion

Jessica said...


-I would rather be with you than die-maybe. please. thank you.

-eeee, eeee, eeee, eee

-psycho much?

-I stalk you.

-Eat candy and die.

Tatman said...

Death's eternal embrace cannot begin to know how long I will love you.

The passion in my heart will outlast the flesh, the bone, the skull."

Ryan said...

Now that you're here, I have far more creative uses for my skull collection!

Jerome said...

"Hey, Bonehead! Be my Valentine!"

No? Shuks.

Kim said...

"Romance is undead"

I would be so excited if I got these for V day. Of course I don't celebrate V day... *shrug*

Lovely Wife George said...

I will surely lose face if you won't be my valentine.

Unknown said...

My Love for You is to the Bone.

Dan820 said...

seriously? no one has said "till' death do us part" yet?


(that's me saying it, btw)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Baby.... I got a boner.

C. said...

maybe this one:

stay with me until one of us will close the eyes forever

Tatman said...

An everlasting gaze from deep in my soul will always be kept on your heart. Even in death will my love come to you, with the sight of every passing skull, to remind you of my eternal pledge.


A Valentine's day Haiku

Red heart stained with blood,
Love pouring forth like a flood,


The guys from Slayer express true ?love? best in the song "Captor Of Sin"

Harlots Of Hell Spread Your Wings
As I Penetrate Your Soul
Feel The Fire Shoot Through Your Body
As I Slip Into Your Throne
Cast Aside, Do As You Will
I Care Not How You Plead
Satan's Child Now Stalks The Earth
Born From My Demon Seed

I can only hope that my real sentimental contributions will be given the best consideration since they are from the heart.

Now.....Someone smack me out of this state of mind! Back to the METAL!

Anonymous said...

Death by Chocolate

Charlie said...

Not a true submission, (not mine to submit) but first thing I thought was
Candy is dandy, but sex won't rot your teeth

Unknown said...

Roses are red.
So is your blood.
You will turn blue
When I choke you.

Kim said...

Haha Slayer are awesome but uhmmm...

ACTUALLY when I was about 15, a guy sent me a bunch of roses and card with some Rollins lyrics. I wish I could remember the song... But it was actually kind of creepy, particularly since he sent it to me anonymously. (I eventually figured out who it was from, and awkwardness and other shenanigans ensued! Good times!)

Zaz said...

your skull will never die <3

Zaz said...

my endless love...

Unknown said...

I still check this first thing every morning, and they have all been fun. This one is too cool not to inspire a whole series of these. I know for sure my wife is getting one from me. I will send you the results. Very very good idea.

Noah said...

Great suggestions everyone! Keep 'em coming, you've still got a few days.

Big: I can't wait to see what you make!

Paul said...

"Love me or I will kill you." That's my entry, pretty clever, eh? *sigh*

The backstory for my entry is that the person giving the box is a sociopath who doesn't feel, empathize or love, but really wants to be a part of the Valentine's Day experience. I've done a little research and most psychopaths, which includes sociopaths, don't have a high degree of creativity, but often have a high degree of logic. Therefore, my sociopath puts his feelings in very straightforward words. The End. I'm a moron.

I think the most appropriate comment is from daintykitty: Death by chocolate. Although it isn't romantic or valentine-y.

bella said...

"Beauty is only skin deep...but my love for you cuts to the bone.

Be Mine."

Badinia said...


When you're with me, I can't stop grinning!

battatter said...

Sweet and
Lushious and

The Wife said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to my prize with great anticipation!

Email coming from Gmail!

Anonymous said...

gah..i love it.

Crystal Blosser said...

I'm bones about you