Tuesday, October 28, 2008

[BONUS] Skull-A-Day Stencil In Use

Three more great uses of my original stencil skull!

Staffan did a fantastic job making this bleached stencil shirt. He says, "To get the effect I used Klorin Power Mousse. It's actually a spray-on detergent, but it bleaches
as well since it contains chlorine. I used a newspaper in the T-shirt, but it soaked up the liquid and created the corona effect. You can also see that most of the liquid gathered at the edges. Anyway, I liked the effect."

Joe made this wicked skateboard deck, which he calls "Skullboard"!

And Don in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada spruced up his mailbox for Halloween!

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Suzanne Dargie said...

Yay! A fellow Canuck loves Hallowe'en too!