Friday, October 24, 2008

FREE Skull-A-Day Stuff!

I just added a new sidebar item so that you can easily find the free PDFs I made for several of my posts. Here's what I included...

#9 Stencil Skull

#72 Papercraft Skull

#148 Paperdoll Skull

#149 Cocoa Skull (stencil)

#167 Skull-By-Numbers (paint by numbers)

#232 Stylized Stencil Skull

#250 Crosskull Puzzle (crossword)

#258 Cross-Stitch Skull (pattern)

#296 Connect The Skull (connect the dots)

#319 Two-Part Stencil Skull

#349 Secret Skull Wallpaper (stencil)

Did I forget any? Let me know and I'll add them. And of course if use any of these please send me a picture of the results!


Boonut said...

This post on Moco Loco, features a huge crystal skull, from "Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven"

TastyPaper said...

Ah thanks :) I look forward to mixing it up a bit with your designs.

Tatman said...

Excellent idea. I had found myself searching through the older posts for some of these. Thanks!