Friday, October 3, 2008

SKULLS e-cards!

Lark Books, the folks that published my book SKULLS, have made a fun little e-card page to promote the project...

Check it out and send your own Skull-Cards HERE!


Unknown said...

Hey Noah!

I ordered your book from last month, and it arrived yesterday(3rd October). On my way home from the post office, I stumbled on the chapter "fan skulls". And then, in that chapter, my skull was printed on the most wonderful paper, with over hundreds of other nice skulls. Me, Oliver Larsen(it's not Larson) from tiny Denmark, with hundreds of other fan skulls, was featured in your book.

Oliver Larsen
Typewriter Skull,

Noah said...

Sorry for the typo Oliver, a few slipped through, we'll get it right on the next edition! I'm glad you're happy with the book though!