Monday, October 13, 2008

Skull-A-Day press: Penthouse reviews SKULLS!

The November 2008 issue of Penthouse magazine (on stands now) features a review of my book SKULLS!

They call me "scintillatingly inventive"!

If you get the issue you can tell your friends you read it for the articles!


WildCardCorsair said...

Just a tidbit... lol
"Skull Duggery" is also the name of a character from old Speed Racer cartoon, one of Speed's rivals from the first couple episodes!

Charlie said...

Full Frontal Reads, did they see the not safe for work skulls?

metalchick666 said...

Awesome! I only read Penthouse for the articles anyway.

Citizen Agent said...

Pet of the Month C Said:

You think you are Skulduggery? I knew Skullduggery and you are no Skulldugger. (Unless you counting this .jpg! Now everyone's work servers show they cached a photo called "penthouse.jpg" )