Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fan Request: Skull Wedding

Hey folks, I got a note from a fan who's looking for some help with her wedding plans and I though maybe you would have some good suggestions. She says:
"my name is jen and i love skulls. i recently came across your book at barnes and noble and fell in love with it! i am getting married next summer and i was wondering if you having any skull wedding ideas? i want to incorporate skulls yet not have anything look halloween-ish... i'm thinking subtle, elegant, yet bad-ass skulls."
Leave your suggestions for Jen in the comments to this post and hopefully she'll send in some pictures of the results...


Delme said...

Not so much a suggestion, but these made our day that much more perfect. I've always worn skull rings so this was always going to be the solution.

Custom made by Crazy Pig (London UK)
White gold with diamond eyes.

Enjoy your day


Delme said...
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She Fights Like a Girl said...

Tone-on-tone prints are a classy choice. If you want some more bright and fun skull fabrics, check out Alexander Henry's prints. At least one person vowed to make her wedding dress from this fabric when seeing me out in this dress:

Another cool/easy/subtle project is glass etching -- you could work some skull stencil action on your champagne flutes etc.

Carrie Mae said...

What an exciting question!

I'm planning a Halloween wedding (which, I know, sounds exactly *not* what the reader wants her wedding to look like) and am contending making the macabre elegant and enjoyable for my conservative guests.

I like she fights like a girl's suggestion of glass etching: posted about it the other day on my blog, in fact, with at least one skull idea.

There are lots of skeleton bride+groom cake toppers (and more day-of-the-dead bride and groom skeletons all over the web).

Check out (search 'skull' or 'skull jewelery'), too: you'll get lots of cheese, but some really elegant pieces you could wear. The Knot actually featured a really cute Skull necklace with heart-shaped eyes in its summer issue that was cute and understated. I'll try to find information on the website that sold them and repost here.

Hmm. My whole blog is distracted with unusual wedding planning right now. I might have to run with this as a post theme later this month; I'll brainstorm ideas.

Suzanne Dargie said...

There is a lady here in Toronto who runs a store that makes custom dresses with custom silk-screen prints. She used to make wedding dresses with roses printed in off-white on white satin. The effect was beautiful. If you wanted, I'm sure she could do skulls in white on white for a subtle unique look. Her store is called "Peach Berserk" and you can copy and paste this link for a look:

Karen said...

Noah, your Ornamental Skull would translate beautifully into lace--in a repeating pattern (like on the Etsy Moleskine, which I own), it's not even immediately recognizable as a skull. It could form the basis for the design on invitations, seating tags, even silkscreened in, say, a white-on-white on the dress.

snowowl said...

My husband and I had a Day of the Dead wedding and went to this website quite often. They have beautiful skull jewelry, and amazing cut paper banners with skulls and wedding themes:

Here are a few photos of our wedding:

And first and foremost make it what you want.

Have fun,

Tatman said...

Man, there are so many great suggestions already! My brother and his wife found a skeleton bride and groom cake toppers for their wedding. My wife and I had a bride and groom skeleton statue for our centerpiece at our wedding that has a stone tablet that says, Love Never Dies.

Congrats on your wedding!

Coryndon Luxmoore said...

My wife designed a tattoo cake for a mom to be which needed to strike the same balance. I think you could do something similarly subtle with your skull theme.

Good luck!

Charlie said...

Hi Jen,

my wife Tere helped Noah with Skull 223. Recycled Skull Ring.
She's done many wedding rings and has a his and hers skull ring designed by the tattoo artist Adam Suerte.

Here is a link to the rings. She also does a lot of custom work if you are interested in something "Skully" yet uniquely yours.

Nikoli said...

I concur with tone on tone, or lots of white lace, glass etching and def. the ornamental skull... think "elegant white goth." Otherwise, it's certainly gonna look like Halloween. Subtle/small skulls...

Congrats and good luck!

AnotherSara said...

I am getting married in November and also wanted to incorporate some skulls I asked my baker to work a little skull or two into the scroll work of our wedding cake. I also found a skull garter on ( I picked this one ) and my fiance's wedding band has skulls also from but it is a surprise. Good luck and Happy planning!

Unknown said...

A couple that I know rather indirectly had a Dia de la Muertos themed wedding, you can see pictures of it here.

Carrie Mae said...

Came across this on etsy; it's lovely. Don't know how you'd feel with this as a wedding band:

Also, I'm posting a skull wedding inspiration board and resource links on my blog tomorrow; it's already scheduled. This is just such a great idea!

LauraB said...

And look at that Flourish Skull on the post just after this one...I can easily see that translated into subdued colors, maybe in a repeat, and no one would suspect.

Also, they'd make lovely stickers to seal invites, thank yous, gifts...

I like this element of the wedding. So many people try to make it "perfect" but you will remember most the things that were solely about the two of you.

Best wishes!!

jen and grant said...

ahhhh!!! so many wonderful suggestions and sites to look at! thanks so much for the comments everyone :) i will be sure send pictures of the results.


Carrie Mae said...

True to my word, a blog entry with skully wedding overload:

Thanks, Jen, for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Like Snowowl I was going to suggest hitting up the Los Dias De Los Muertos sites and get ideas from there -- I think their traditional sugar skulls would be great for favors!

Also....I found these skull toasting glasses on-line

The site above in general has some great ideas for you!

Good luck! I just got married 2+ months ago!

Unknown said...

Hi Jen- what a creative idea, it looks like you've received a lot of suggestions so far. I'm a designer and letterpress printer specializing in custom wedding invitations, I'd love to work on your invitations with you.

Wedding_Skulls said...

Hi there!

If it's appropriate, can I suggest my own blog?

We feature skull products for weddings, along with other kooky wedding features - dresses, vendors, invites, etc. I love ful-out Gothic/Halloween weddings, but also more understand, elegant affairs where skulls details are understated.

You might find just what you're looking for!

Henna Caravan said...

we made these for my daughters wedding. it was so much fun.